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HIGH BAR Hospitality & Event Group Inc. is Canada's first luxury cannabis event company, creating a premier full-service experience that everyone can enjoy (from someone who's never smoked to your seasoned "toker"). With our experience and knowledge immersed in the event industry for over 25 years, the introduction of legal cannabis presented the perfect opportunity to create a high class event company featuring cannabis in its many wonderful forms.  Our mission is simple, provide clients with cannabis experience presented in a classy and high-end fashion. We’ve partnered with some of the best names in the events and cannabis industries, so that we can provide the highest quality service for any occasion.  We are committed to cannabis education, safety, and providing a responsible experience. 19+ 🇨🇦   budtend #budtender pre rolls vaporizer mobile cannabis bar live rolling event catering high class budtending luxury cannabis event CBD THC
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How Cannabis Wedding Bar Services Can Make Your Big Day A Successful ONE!

Introduction: What is a Cannabis Wedding Bar Service?

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A cannabis bar wedding is a service that offers guests the opportunity to enjoy cannabis-infused food and beverages. It’s a great option for people who are interested in hosting an event that has the potential to be more inclusive of cannabis users.

Cannabis weddings have been around for years, but they’ve only recently gained popularity. With legalization happening in more and more states, it’s becoming easier and easier to throw a weed-themed wedding.

The options available are virtually endless. You can have a full bar with cocktails, wine, beer, and even champagne—all infused with marijuana products like THC or CBD oil.

Benefits of Choosing a Cannabis Wedding Bar Service for Your Big Day

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Choosing a cannabis wedding bar is a great way to make your wedding more intimate. You can have a cannabis bar at the reception and make your guests feel like they are part of the celebration.

A cannabis bar is not just for weddings. It can also be used at other events such as music festivals, concerts, and corporate parties.

Best Practices for Setting up the Cannabis Wedding Bar

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A cannabis wedding bar is a great way to add some flare to your wedding. The bar offers guests a variety of cannabis products from which to choose, and the bartender can be dressed in a suit or gown like any other bartender at an event.

When setting up your cannabis wedding bar, make sure that you have plenty of space for the bar and plenty of space for guests to mill about and talk. You should also have an ample supply of water, juice and other non-alcoholic beverages on hand so that guests will stay hydrated throughout the event.

The HIGH BAR aka Cannabis Bar (left bar) vs Alcoholic Bar (right bar)

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