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      cannabis INFUSing experience 

AT HIGH BAR HOSPITALITY & EVENT GROUP, WE HAVE created THE PERFECT EVENT EXPERIENCE for guestS WHO consume cannabis BEVERAGES OR JUST WANT TO TRY IT FOR THE FIRST TIME. OUR STAFF WILL INFUSE (ODOURLESS AND FLAVOURLESS) CANNABIS ON-SITE AT THE HIGH BAR, AND WE NEVER COMPRoMISE THE TASTE OF YOUR FAVOURITE NON-ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE. USING OUR HIGH BAR INFUSING TECHNIQUE, WE CAN control your experience BY PROVIDING GUESTS with 1MG balance of THC:CBD (1:1) in each beverage. If you are planning on serving alcohol, you should also consider serving cannabis BEVERAGES. A lot of your guestS might ACTUALLY prefer a cannabis infused beverage, which additionally CAN BE A MUCH healthier option. We focus on educating so that GUESTS have the ability to modify how they want the cannabis to affect their senses and overall mood during the event. AT HIGH BAR™️, WE'VE PARTNERED UP WITH SOME OF THE BEST CANNABIS INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS across Canada TO PROVIDE YOU WITH AN ON-SITE cannabis infusing EXPERIENCE THAT'S THE FIRST OF ITs KIND. IT's ABSOLUTELY SAFE, LEGAL, budget friendly AND SERVED oNLY BY CERTIFIED CANNABIS SOMMELIERS AND BUDTENDERS. OUR CANNABIS INFUSING EXPERIENCE CAN BE ADDED TO ANY EVENT, and work in any event space.